What’s Next

I hope everyone is ready for spring and something new. I know I am. It seems like everything is up in the air, and no one knows what is going to happen next. The weather in Georgia goes from 75 degrees to snowing the next day to back to the 70s and back to cool weather. We think EFCA is moving; then, it seems to slow down, and then it's back again. Nothing these days seems to be predictable.

Are you being predictable to your employees? Hopefully, you are being somewhat predictable and/or reliable. You see all these articles about what to watch out for if your company is about to lay off or do something unusual. Some of the signs they point out are a lot of closed door meetings with executives, travel and other company budgets being squeezed too tightly, key personnel leaving suddenly. You can slow the rumor mill and correct it by communicating to your employees. It makes them feel important and wanted. It could also save your company that key client that is hearing rumors about your organization from its inside source.

So, as always, communicate to people--people appreciate it.