Collective Bargaining Videos

Is Collective Bargaining on the horizon? Then you need help in lowering expectations. It’s a specialty of ours. First Cut Communications knows how to get across the message that contract renewal time is not Christmas. We produce original videos that paint a fair and realistic picture of the overall economic situation, a picture that shows what is reasonable and what is just union hot air and empty promises.

Let us help you communicate lawfully with your union employees and their families. Presented with a realistic picture of your company’s situation in the market, rising production costs and the ever-spiraling cost of benefits, union employees become more realistic in their expectations. When that happens, there are fewer hard feelings, reduced demands, and less divisiveness. Good communication also avoids slow-downs and strikes

We’ve done it for other companies and their attorneys. Let us do the same for you. An effective presentation by First Cut can prove a cost-saving action that can help you reach a contract agreement that you know is fair to your company and to your union employees. We have over 40 years of experience in union issues. Let that experience work for you.

Some examples of Collective Bargaining videos we did in the past are below.

Allied Holdings "Work Rule Revisions"

Allied Holdings, the largest car haul firm in North America, was losing market share to lower cost, non-union car haulers, and UAW leadership was preparing to demand wage and benefit increases in both Canada and the USA. These short video spots, shown in driver lounges, avoided attacks on union leadership but drew strong comparisons between what IBT drivers for Allied presently enjoyed as compared to non-union drivers. With support from rank-and-file union members, Allied avoided demands for increases and achieved favorable revisions in work rules.

Motor Coils "Productivity"

Consistently decreasing productivity of a union work force at one of this firm's locomotive refurbishing plants had reached unacceptable levels. Achieving revisions in the existing contract was not an option. This "video-within-a-video" combines a professional presentation of facts along with employee comments. It succeeded without incurring legal complaints from the union.

These are examples of videos that were used in break rooms to start conversations. Topics include: Pitch in now to save the company, and Old union rules make us less efficient.

We listen in on a conversation between employees discussing contract negotiations. Topics include: Global competition and other changes that are affecting the business. We also talk about some of the challenges of being in a right-to-work state.