Corporate Campaign Videos

Many years ago, the first corporate campaign we worked on was JP Stephens. It was one of the first instances nationwide where a union-paid instigator used the now-familiar tactics referred to as “death by a thousand cuts.” We helped educate their employees about the situation and what they could do to help. We have since helped numerous clients with their corporate campaigns, using a variety of communication vehicles to keep everyone, from the employees to shareholders, informed on exactly what is going on and why it’s going on.

This assault by a union to undermine an organization's reputation with its employees, shareholders, community leaders, customers, politicians, media, regulators, and the list goes on and on. The end game is for an organization to agree to voluntary union recognition, sign neutrality or code of conduct agreement.

First Cut Communications will devise strategies to help companies steer through and ease the effects of a corporate campaign and keep your employee rights and key relationships intact. A corporate campaign is not something a company can afford to lose.

A demo on corporate campaigns we put together several years ago for a presentation to a hundred or so attorneys in New York City.