Facility Tours Videos

Usually, new team members become intimately familiar with the task they were hired to do. But they may not know the full extent of what an important role they play in the delivery of your product.

Plant Tour videos provide a fast, efficient way to take anyone and everyone through a facility and to acquaint them with work done at multiple locations. Video can show team members the whole picture of company operations.

Plant tour videos can also be used in the community or in sales/marketing. A plant tour video can serve as a key part of a sales pitch. A video not only ensures a uniformity of presentation, but allows the facility to be “seen” by a wide audience without the expense of traveling to the plant. That means shorter selling cycles. In addition, the tour video can easily be produced in multiple languages to appeal to a global market.

We often combine these tour videos with new hire orientation videos, training videos and marketing videos to give the company the biggest return on investment (ROI). First Cut Communications prides itself on our new hire orientation videos, training videos and marketing videos lasting a long time. We are seeing the average new hire orientation video last between five and ten years.

This Tour Video was produced for KMG or Kia. The video shows the viewer the impressive paint shop that is not generally open to the public because Kia wants to insure the quality paint job does not have any foreign material on it.