New Hire Orientation Videos

New Hire Orientation (Onboarding):

First impressions make a huge difference. Our employee orientation (onboarded) videos motivate through pride, while making your newly hired employees feel good about the work they do and the company they work for. A good new hire orientation or onboarding (orientation) process makes all the difference to a new hire. It tells them you care and you have taken the time to put together an orientation that starts them off on the right foot. Some of our clients ask us to do a simple onboarding video. For others we put together an entire onboarding experience utilizing eLearning and video. Orientation programs are also great for refreshing existing employees. Either way it delivers a consistent message to the audience and provides legal proof of training if ever needed.

New Hire Orientation topics typically covered include:

  • Company history (pride builder)
  • Products
  • The competition
  • Facility tour
  • Community activities and sponsorship
  • The company culture (mission statement, vision, and goals)
  • Benefits

These new hire orientations more than pay for themselves in lower turnover and better engaged employees.

Some examples of custom new hire orientation videos are below. For more recent example please contact us.

VF Intimates "New Hire Orientation"

VF Intimates, in an effort to bring a diverse and far-flung work force closer together, asked First Cut Communications for help. Their answer was an all-new, multilingual New Hire Orientation Video that highlighted the company's history as a textile pioneer and major supplier of jobs to the communities it serves.

Wegmans Food Markets "New Hire Spanish Orientation"

Many clients need programs in Spanish as well as English. Wegmans, the supermarket chain often listed among Fortune Magazine’s Top Ten Places to Work in America, is one. First Cut Communications met their needs for a traditional Broadcast Spanish Language Orientation. Other clients of First Cut Communications have been served with videos in audience specific Spanish dialects including Mexican, Puerto Rican and Columbian. First Cut Communications has also produced videos in French, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese and Haitian to name a few.

Delta Air Lines "New Management Introduction"

When Delta hired "an outsider" to lead their In-Flight Services, it was a first. First Cut Communications was asked to help introduce this new member of the senior management team to 18,000 skeptical Flight Attendants.