25th Hour Videos for Union Elections

The last communication employees receive from the company before a union election must deliver a clear message so the employees vote NO. So First Cut Communications videos address specific issues, acknowledge company failings (if necessary), discuss union facts and deliver logical responses.

Since each client’s situation is different, each 25th hour video is also different. 25th hour information is presented in whatever form works best. From slice-of-life dialogues in realistic local settings presented by demographically-correct actors, to powerful “fact vs. fiction pronouncements,” our videos hit the mark time and time again.

FCC wins 98% of the time.

We take the time to craft a truly custom 25th hour video for your audience. Our win record of 98% is far better than the current average company win rate of 34%. We are your insurance policy for bringing fence sitters to the company side. We reach that goal by putting an enormous amount of effort into crafting the best approach for communicating to your employees. Recently an attorney told us he had no idea how much thought we put into producing a video.

Examples of custom 25th hour videos are below. For more recent example please contact us.

Carlisle "25th Hour"

First Cut Communications has helped hundreds of companies present their last minute ('25th Hour') message to voting employees via videos that are projected in large group meetings. These easy to watch, informative videos express, in plain language, the downside of union membership and the changes workers can expect if they vote in the union.

DeZurik "It Can't Happen Here"

Designed to show the work force of a major employer in a small town that they are not immune to union strikes, no matter how small the town or how insulated they may feel.

In this 25th hour video we learn about handicapping a union vote. We look at the facts and see if it all adds up. We bring in the LM2 and other items of interest to prevent an uneducated vote.