Custom Card Check Videos (Card Signing Videos)

Employees need to know what could happen well before it actually does. And no company is immune from a rogue attack. First Cut Communications custom card signing videos are fact-based and vividly depict:

  • what to look for;
  • the risks in card signing and
  • what signing a card might actually mean.

Also, giving employees information on peer pressure and third party tactics helps stop card signing campaigns before they can get started. First Cut videos deliver real-life dialogue using believable, professional presenters. At First Cut, we have more than 40 years of experience in treating employees respectfully, speaking their language, and delivering the results you want.

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An examples of a custom card signing video we did several years ago is below. For some more recent example please contact us.

Delta Mechanics "Union Card Signing"

Within many large organizations, smaller "closed societies" exist -- people who share common jobs, lifestyles, and 'Us vs. Them' philosophies. These are often the hardest work force members to reach when a company needs to communicate its position on a controversial subject. First Cut Communications presentations have a proven record of motivating, educating, and convincing individuals who would ordinarily turn a deaf ear to a company spokesman

In this custom card signing video we listen to some associates talk about how the company listens to their ideas. The associates also discuss their previous experience in unions and why they are happy to no longer be affiliated with a union.

We listen to two employees talk as one tells how he was pressured into signing his union card. We hit hard on the value of a signature.