Union 101 videos (for managers and employees)

Since unions have been shrinking, fewer people have actual real life experience. We have produced videos with basic information covering the unionization process and its potential impact on working relationships, personal freedom and work procedures are shown at the viewers’ place of employment.

Management Training on union issues

First Cut delivers Training to all levels of management, using the latest tools, in order to effectively and legally communicate current and future labor issues. Training covers ways to spot possible union activity and how to handle the activity once it has been recognized. Other items we train managers on include:

  • Overview of labor relations and how a union could affect them.
  • Solicitation and distribution – provides a definition of this rule and explains why it’s important to have such a rule in place that has been enforced consistently in the past.
  • TIPS and FOE what it means and why it is so important.
  • Concerted Activity – Very important, and sometimes the most difficult for managers to grasp.

This video was produced to show supervisors how their jobs would be affected if their employees were in a union. It points out important changes that would directly impact their roles and responsibilities, and teaches them about union rules such as "Super Seniority" and "Grievances," among others.