Digital Delivery

In this time of uncertainty with the NLRB, we all seem to need things yesterday, and we need them secure so they donít end up on YouTube or some other social media site. First Cut Communications is excited to offer you a convenient and secure way to store your training videos so that you can securely stream them on demand anywhere in the world there is a high speed connection to the internet. This service allows you to control who views what video program and how often they can view it.

This service uses a URL that can be changed quickly and be password protected. The viewer can stream the video on a personal computer or set it up for classroom projection. Our service works with most firewalls, and the video is not stored on the computer. Additionally, we also have the ability to allow you to download your video and store it on a computer for presentation. This is not as safe, but it is still better than using a DVD because union organizers love getting a copy for YouTube.