Employee Training Videos

Consistent methods deliver consistent results. Training videos can be as simple as how to install a part on an assembly line or as complex as how to assemble and then install a piece of machinery. First Cut Communications has the capability to deliver that training through a variety of conduits like eLearning and simulation training as well as a good old fashion training video.

These training videos can also be used in recruiting to acquaint candidates for a specific job and what it will be like. This in turn will help weed out applicants that know they will not enjoy that type of job every day.

Examples of training videos we have produced in the past are below. For more recent examples please contact us.

"Management Training"

When changes are occurring, middle managers can make the difference between upper management getting and not getting the support it needs from the work force. This unique series of training videos produced by First Cut Communications was designed to make middle managers aware of their importance to the company and teach them how to sustain healthy, productive lines of communication. This training video won several awards.

Continental Airlines "Diversity"

When asked to help with Continental Airlines' ongoing Diversity Training, First Cut Communications and Continental came up with "Doing Your Part", a video that called all employees to greater sensitivity awareness. One vignette in this training video cautioned co-workers against unwelcome touching, no matter how innocent or well-intentioned it may be. These training videos can serve as proof that the company has attempted to train its managers and thus help protect it if a lawsuit ever arises.