How do we do it?  Ten Easy Steps to Quality Communications

You tell us...

What's the message?
First Cut Communications writer meets with you and/or your counselors to learn what you want your audience to know, to believe and to do.

Who's the audience?
What is the audience age range? Gender? Race? Education? What are the issues as perceived by the audience?

What are the influences?
Who or what is influencing your audience? What, if any, are the driving factors? Culture? History? Race? Benefits?

What's the format?
Music Video? On Camera Narrators? Off Camera Narration Over Graphics? Dramatization? Combinations?

How's the message presented?
Wide screen projection to a large audience? Small Group Meetings with a TV monitor?  Blue Ray or DVD mailed to homes? Internet Broadcast? Pod Cast? eLearning?

We will provide...

First Cut Communications writes and delivers a written script, with visuals described. Any revisions you have are made, a shooting script submitted for approval.

Production Elements.
Sets, locations, cast, rehearsals, shooting, all managed by First Cut Communications, as is audio and visual editing in First Cut Communications studios.

Revisions are rarely needed but if the situation has changed, First Cut Communications can and will make changes on time!

Delivery of your message.
You handle Small Group Meetings with a TV monitor. If it's a Wide Screen projection, Internet Broadcast, CD Rom, or DVD (which can be mailed to homes), First Cut Communications can assist.

The cost.
Call us now and tell us about your project. We'll give you an estimate with no obligation.

Call 706-882-5581 to see how we can be of service to you!