Safety Training Videos

While it goes without saying that safety in the workplace is paramount at any company, employees need to know exactly what that means to them. First Cut Communications produces custom safety training videos that bring the work environment alive. Our videos are memorable because they are filmed in a way employees can identify with and recognize . . . they can see actual buttons and levers they will need to know about in order to gain respect for the machines they are working on and create a safe working environment. FCC training videos also help employees understand the importance of OSHA, and the company’s strict adherence to safety rules and regulations.

Safety Video Five Star Plantation

Up close and personal demonstrations "show and tell" proper procedures and explain why such procedures are important to follow. This Tag Out video we produced several years ago was designed to drive home the message about what could happen if employees did not follow proper Lock out Tag out procedures.

Safety Video Hand Knife Safety

Safety Video Fire Extinguisher Training