Last Best and Final Offer Videos

Last Best and Final Offers are when the company and the union are at impasse and the company says this is our last best and final offer. These video are usually shown just before the unit receives final offer from the company on the contract they are about to vote on. The company explains in detail why they are making this offer and why they cannot make it any “sweeter”. These custom labor relation videos are an excellent way for the company to get its message to the employees before they vote and make sure they understand all the facts.

An example of a Last, Best, Final Offer we did in the past is below.

FMC "Last, Best, Final Offer"

Union leadership was not providing striking members with complete information about the company's Last, Best and Final Offer. This video, shipped to the homes of strikers, used an on-camera appearance by the female mine manager. She explained why the video was necessary. An off-camera narration by an actor reading the actual offer put the desired spin on the offer. Shortly after the video was delivered to workers' home, an agreement was reached