Employee Benefit Videos

Employee Benefits are costly. You know that, but do your people know? First Cut Communications videos uses employee benefits strategies to help employees understand their benefits, use them, and appreciate them. A clear, concise video can help you recruit new employees and retain your best performers. And you can establish positive employee relations.

Some examples of Employee Benefits Videos we have done in the past are below. For more recent example please contact us.

Michelin "Benefit Change"

Michelin requested help from First Cut Communications in communicating to its workforce about an upcoming change to its medical benefits. First Cut Communications produced a video that covered this change, explaining why the change was being made.

Sysco "Selling 401k"

Contributions to an employee's 401k can, over time, build into a healthy nest egg, but many younger people don't see the wisdom of investing. In this First Cut Communications video, an older character explains the upside of Sysco's 401k plan to a skeptical young man, amiably referring to him as 'Pal'. After the video was shown, Sysco employees referred to co-workers who did not choose to sign up for a 401k as 'Pal', underscoring the effectiveness of First Cut Communications presentations.

Simonton Windows "Policies and Benefits"

Simonton Windows wanted new hires to better understand their company policies and benefits. In answer, First Cut Communications created a video that framed the dry facts with a lively classroom discussion. Hosted by an upbeat 'company representative' who answers questions posed by her 'class,’ The presentation was designed to allow Simonton's HR people to stop and start the show, as needed, to address audience concerns. This video exemplifies First Cut Communications’ ability to incorporate employee benefits strategies into an effective video format.