Undercover Boss

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of glad cold and wintry February is the shortest month. Of course, there is the entertainment of the Super Bowl, probably the ultimate yearly U.S. event in mass communications ever devised. I was watching the game on Sunday, and then caught the beginning of a new show that came on immediately after the trophy presentation.

The name of the show was Undercover Boss, and I found it to be an interesting twist on reality TV. The premise is a CEO spends a day or two doing different jobs within his company. For example, Sunday's show had the head of Waste Management doing tasks like riding on a garbage truck, emptying trash, and sorting recycled materials. It's all done incognito until the end when his identity is revealed to amazed employees who have been invited into the boss' office.

If the first show is any indication, bosses gain a new perspective on what rank and file employees do to directly make money for the company. It certainly occurred to me that if more upper management people experienced the day-to-day work that makes a company tick, it's very possible a lot of problems, like unions, could be avoided.

If you have a moment next Sunday, check out the show (8:00 pm, CBS). You might find it interesting. And if you do watch it, send me an email. I would enjoy reading your comments.

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Matt French
First Cut Communications, LLC