Motivate your employees Part One

The other day, I was in a meeting listening to the owner of the company. After his meeting, I felt bad for everyone in the room. I thought I would remind everyone of some simple steps you can take as managers to better motivate your employees.

• Share your weaknesses with your employees. Let them know you need them and appreciate them. Ask them for help in an area where you are experiencing difficulties, and they might surprise you with the answer on how to fix the issue.

• Help people fulfill their dreams by letting them know that you care and want them to succeed. Knowing you want them to succeed, they will work harder to ensure you succeed.

• Recognize others' strengths. Take time out of your schedule every month to observe your employees; once you have observed them, recognize them for their talents and help them cultivate these talents. You can encourage them to better utilize these talents and they will be grateful to you for recognizing them.

• Before you communicate a message, think about it from the recipients' perspective. I'm always amazed when I hear someone from management trying to deliver a message about something that they think is important but from the employees perspective it can be the opposite. A wise person told me if you had a pyramid and the pinnacle was what management thinks is important, turn the pyramid upside down and that is what is important to the person that actually makes things happen.

So, as always, communicate to people--people appreciate it.