First Cut Communications Introduces A New Website

Successfully communicating company messages
through video for more than 40 years


First Cut Communications is excited to share our NEW WEBSITE with you! For the first time in our 43-year history, we have a comprehensive list of our services all in one place. Please take a look and give us your feedback.


In addition to creating our website, it’s been a very busy year for us. Of course, we’ve had our regular campaign battles, new employee orientations and we’ve produced 8 new generic videos for our sister company AGTS. The instant best seller is called Signing Your Rights Away, our generic card signing video. (It’s now available in union-specific versions.) Other new titles include Contract Negotiations and Conversation Starters, six short videos designed to get people talking in group meetings during a campaign.

The Vital Role of Human Resources

Brutal honesty mixed with a little cheerleading … and knowing when to provide both. That’s the fine line Human Resource professionals tread every day. It’s a given that you always have to be honest with employees about how they’re doing their daily job duties. Your constructive feedback to them and their equally honest responses to you will help employees grow. Just as importantly, frank and honest discussions will help prevent issues from arising if you ever have to discharge them. Every employee needs to have a clear understanding as to what they’re doing right and what needs improvement.

Make your employees engaged employees

You don’t want someone who shows up just to collect a pay check. They’ll simply do the basics, and are the most susceptible to outside influence. An engaged employee will help you fix issues that will save the company money. They’ll give you ideas on what needs to be addressed on the frontline to improve quality and output, as well as provide information on other things of interest (like, is a third party nosing around).

We’ll explore that issue and more in the months to come. Your suggestions for newsletter topics are always welcome and encouraged.