Empowered to make it right

Empowered to make it right. I'm sure you've had the experience in the last year or so with someone who went out of their way to make things right because they had been told they could. Maybe it was a retail clerk, or a customer service rep on the phone. They didn't pass the buck and say, "I can't, it's out of my hands," or "Sorry, it's out of warranty," or even, "The computer won't let me."

Instead, they knew how to make what needed to happen, happen . . . for you, the customer. It not only made you feel good, but much more likely to come again.

That concept applies to both employees and external customers. Most employees/customers appreciate an "eagerness to help," and a feeling that "he listened to my concerns." The use of these skills is what elevates you and your organization above the competition in retaining good employees as well as attracting new customers.

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Remember to communicate. People appreciate it.


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